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Bauer Supreme S27 Skate - Junior

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Looking for a mid-priced Supreme skate?

Built for the competitive player that plays up to 3 hours a week. they're looking to invest a little more in their skates to have more performance without compromising that comfort level. Bauer used the S-stainless steel, which is a mid-grade steel that has trusted durability but very good edge retention properties. The used holder is the LightSpeed Egde featuring the quick-release trigger system. This is the number-one holder being used by NHL and pro players around the globe.
The outsole on the S27 is the TPR. This allows for the consumer to perform the skating motions as easily as possible. For the quarter material, they used a True-Form Tech PU. It's a little bit stiffer to allow more energy transfer and a more powerful stride on the ice. Internally they used a microfiber liner as well as soft comfort foams to ensure that it's soft and comfortable. The tongue on the S27 is 48-ounce felt the construction foam metatarsal guard. It's going to softer, more supportive, but it still maintains those flex properties.

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Lining Material Hydrophobic Microfiber Liner
Quarter Package 3D Poly Carb Quarter
Runner TUUK S.Stainless Steel
Tongue Two Piece 40oz Felt with high density metatarsal guard
Skill level Performance