Striker Essence V2 Aluminium SCS Pro Stuntstep Stuur in Matte Zwart

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Sorry, dit is een tijdelijke omschrijving. De volledige omschrijving is in de maak. From the guys over at Striker comes the 2nd edition of their popular Essence line. The first introduction of the series made them popular parts due to the great combination of looks, colors, durability and the overall design. The Essence V2 Pro Scooter Bar is designed by the Danish brand Striker. Produced in a lightweight and strong 7075 aluminum and built for SCS compression systems. It is a T-bar with reinforcing gussets surrounding the area where the two tubes meet. Available, yet again, in a super nice selection of colors and also two sizes so you should be able to find your perfect match


Extra informatie

Gewicht (g) N/B
Stuur materiaal Aluminium 7075
Stuur binnendiameter (mm) 28mm
Stuur breedte (mm) 575
Compatibel met SCS
Stuur Design Two-piece
Stuur buitendiameter 35mm (Oversized)
Hoogte (mm) 600,67
SCS Ready Ja