YGW Digger Steel Standard SCS Pro Stuntstep Stuur in Zwart

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Sorry, dit is een tijdelijke omschrijving. De volledige omschrijving is in de maak. This Digger bar is made with a BMX-style design which further adds resistance to hard landings which also makes it more durable than other bar designs. It is Standard sized with an outer diameter of 32mm and with chrome steel material you get the utmost rugged setup you could imagine. A superb choice for riders looking for a solid bar ready for popping huge bangers in the streets. Youth Gone Wild hand weld their bars individually, ensuring great and consistent quality with each bar


Extra informatie

Gewicht (g) 1250.0000
Stuur materiaal Verchroomd staal 4130
Stuur binnendiameter (mm) 28mm
Stuur breedte (mm) 660
Compatibel met SCS
Stuur Design Two-piece
Stuur buitendiameter 32mm (Regular)
Hoogte (mm) 660
SCS Ready Ja